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25 June 2001
Penis Size and Penis Pumps
I am 18 yrs old and I have a problem with my length of my penis

22 June 2001
I Just Can't Orgasm!
I love my boyfriend and am afraid soon if nothing happens, it will be over between us...

21 June 2016
Confused About Identity
I don't know if I am bisexual or straight...

20 June 2016
He's Too Distant
I want our marriage to work, but we lack intimacy...

19 June 2016
Uncomfortable Anal
During anal sex, it also seems to stimulate the feeling that I need to go to the toilet...

18 June 2016
Straight Male, Anal Sex
Is it abnormal for a man to enjoy anal sex performed on him?

15 June 2016
Not Sure About Sex
I still don't know if I'm ready. Also, the last time I had an incredible amount of pain...

14 June 2016
Penis Size and Anal Sex
Can I safely insert my 8" penis fully into my partner?

13 June 2016
Can't Orgasm During Sex
I cannot orgasm when making love to my partner...

12 June 2016
Afraid to Orgasm
I fake my orgasms because I'm afraid I'll wee during sex...

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