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23 February 2016
She Doesn't Do Oral
How come when I try to invite her to give me some head, she refuses...

22 February 2016
Want To Pleasure Her
I can only have one orgasm during my love-making and my wife would like me to have more...

21 February 2016
Orgasm Drug?
I am a 26 year old female and I have never had an orgasm...

20 February 2016
Is Oral Sex Safe?
I am still a virgin and want to know whether I can catch aids from oral sex without a condom...

19 February 2016
Vaginal Exercises
How can I stay tight for my man every time we have sex...

16 February 2016
How Safe Is Oral Sex?
I'm a bi guy who loves giving oral sex to men but I am unsure as to how safe this is...

15 February 2016
Stress & Erections
Whenever I am with a girl and I am about to have sex with her, I can never get a erection...

14 February 2016
Painful Anal Sex
Why do I feel so sick after anal sex...

13 February 2016
I was just wondering if having sex is a good workout...

12 February 2016
Hot For Him
I really want to start using a vibrator in front of him...

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