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Foods such as celery, oyster and strawberries are so accepted as aphrodisiacs in Western society that they have become clichés for sexuality.  When we gather round a 'barbie' or a keg, if any of the above foods are offered, someone is sure to do a 'nudge, nudge, wink, wink', and husbands and wives will say to each other, 'You'd better eat lots of these, love!'.

How seriously we really believe that certain foods are going to make us keener or better in bed, I don't know, but let us not forget that all food is sensual in its way.  Remember that famous scene in the movie Tom Jones?  The two lovers go through a whole meal as a prelude to having sex and the eating experience becomes part of the foreplay.

Why the relationship between food and sex?  Food is taken through the mouth, a highly sensual area of the human body; also, it's pleasurable and relates to one of the first comforts we recall as babies; finally, the tastes and textures of many foods are reminiscent of sexual acts.  Fruit is considered to be a particularly sensual form of food.  Of course, some are 'sexier' than others; peaches are sensual, apples are not, grapes and strawberries are, and citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons and limes are certainly not.



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