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These are particularly popular in Asian countries where beliefs in aphrodisiacs are strong.  There is a thriving market in countries such as China, Japan and India for the more exotic forms of sexual-enhancers.

Perhaps it's because people in the Western world with jaded sexual palates tend to look towards the Orient for inspiration, and it's a thriving trade.  Mind you, it isn't only the tourist who buys.  Wealthy Japanese businessmen, for example, risk death by eating a poisonous blow-fish because it is believed to carry aphrodisiac properties.  Powders ground from rhino horn and snake venom are highly prized and sell freely in cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok.  Do they work in reality?

All I can say is I have never myself come in contact with anyone who benefited from them directly — but perhaps 'directly' is a key word.  It's quite possible that there are two types of aphrodisiacs — the ones that are said to be and those that work without meaning to.



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