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origins of fantasies

You may well be curious as to the origin of certain fantasies.  Why does one person find hair rollers sexy and another want to be tied up and licked all over?

As with most human issues, the answer lies in the experiences of childhood.  One client, who was a cross-dresser, wanted to know the reason for his penchant for wearing women's clothing.  He said he remembered having this desire from the time he was a boy.  After extensive counselling, he recalled a group of his mother's friends visiting the house one day and, when lying on the lounge-room floor, he could see right up the legs of one of the women.  He saw her underwear and got excited.  He was about seven at the time and it would've fixed in his little mind that women's underwear is sexy.  Later, that image became a sexual turn-on he could count on and then, it further extended into a desire to wear the clothing himself.  He was simply acting out an idea by reflex, without understanding it.  Once he did, he no longer was under its power.

I say dress up as whatever you want in order to act out your sexual fantasy life but do it by choice, because you want to, not because you are out of control and you feel compelled.


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