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anal sex

This is by no means a practice peculiar to gay men, as once thought. Heterosexual couples do indulge in anal sex and I'm often asked by men and women how best to go about it for comfort and pleasure.

Obviously, it must be taken slowly and gently as the anus was not designed for a penis.  There needs to be ample lubrication and it may take several tries before penetration can be accomplished.  It's not true that anal sex only pleasures the male.  A lot of women report that they enjoy it as long as they are not roughly and painfully penetrated.  There is inevitably some pain initially but it does not have to proclude the enjoyment of anal sex if couples are sensible and mutually interested.  Anal sex should never be forced by one person on another for it's the worst kind of rape, as any victim will testify.

I had a caller on the radio who complained that his female partner loved putting 'things' into his anus.  He didn't want her to do this but felt that he couldn't ask her to stop without hurting her feelings.  I offered a couple of facetious solutions, such as trying the same thing on her so that she could see it wasn't much fun, but seriously, there is no way out of this type of situation except honesty.  No-one should ever do anything in bed that he or she is uncomfortable with.  Another guy who called liked to masturbate with a drumstick in his anus.  I had to ascertain which type he meant — the musical instrument, the ice-cream or the chicken leg!  It turned out to be the last.  Men who like their rectums and anuses stimulated are not necessarily gay.  I'm asked this question continually by concerned women.  The anus is a very sensitive area and responds to licking, stroking and entry.

There's nothing wrong with any of this as it's just another part of the body.  Keep in mind, however, that extra hygiene is required when handling this area and also that anal sex is a high risk area for AIDS because of a greater probability of nicks and cuts inside the anus which can pass on the virus.  Haemorrhoids too can result.

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