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bondage & discipline

B&D, as this is more commonly known, is a sexual activity based on one participant being submissive and the other taking a dominant position.  
It can be mild or heavy, according to taste.  Pain to some degree is usually involved.  'Bondage' can take the form of chains, handcuffs, ropes or cloth tethers, and 'discipline' is traditionally meted out by way of whipping, but also with cigarette burning, wax dripping and other forms of torture.

B&D comes under the heading of sado-masochism, a philosophy of sexual behaviour that is based on the receiving and giving of pain. There is one participant who enjoys being hurt and one who enjoys hurting.  A match made in heaven — or hell, depending on your viewpoint.

Exponents either conduct these activities in private or in public.  Some brothels offer the service and there are also clubs which allow members to perform B&D as part of the entertainment, where patrons can also join in if they wish.

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