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masturbation as an addition to sex

There are men and women who enjoy masturbation for its own sake, even if not in preference to sex with a partner.  These people will opt to bring themselves to climax regularly or occasionally despite the presence of an active sexual partner.  This is more common among men and I have often been asked the inevitable question, 'Is this wrong?'  In short, no.

I find it rather sad when masturbation within a relationship has to be carried out in secret, but some men say their wives disapprove strongly and, in fact, feel very threatened by what they perceive to be an unnecessary indulgence.  Guys either do it simply because they like it quite separate to making love with their partners, or to supplement what they see as an inadequate supply of sex.

Obviously, at times such as pregnancy, physical absence and illness, masturbation is a useful substitute but I see no reason for anyone who wants to masturbate to have to feel guilty, regardless of the reason.

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