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Many couples still favour the 'missionary' position, which entails the male lying on top of the female and entering her in that way.  This can be done with both bodies flat or the woman's legs up over her head, or the man's legs drawn up so that he's 'riding' her.

However, this is pretty limiting if it's the only way that two people ever make love.  Let's briefly consider the advantages of various positions in love-making.

For closer inimacy, having intercourse while lying on their sides, facing each other, is very satisfying for couples.  This can also be achieved by facing away from each other, lying in what is known as the 'making two spoons' position.  The two bodies are curved into each other and the man can move rhythmically and slowly into the woman.  Pregnant women find this position particularly comfortable as both partners' bodies are being supported and there's no strain or hurry.

Intercourse from behind is very sexy for many couples, perhaps because it's the least tender and intimate of all positions.  I remember one fellow telling me that because his wife didn't enjoy sex and never climaxed, this was the only way he could make love to her so that he didn't have to look into her face and see the indifference.

It's also the most aggressive and dominating of poses for the man and the most submissive for the woman — so it's closer to lust than to love, which is fine even for couples who are emotionally involved.  It's simply another dimension.  Sex from behind can be achieved by both partners lying flat, or with the woman's bottom up in the air, which is called the doggy' position.  Another variation is for the man to hold the woman's legs up as he enters from behind.  If this is done on the floor, or other hard surface, he can literally walk the woman around as he moves inside her.  This is known as the 'wheelbarrow'.

The reverse missionary position, that is, with the woman on top astride the man, has two important advantages.  The first is that many women can only achieve an orgasm when they're on top.  The reason for this is that a woman can ride the man's penis at her own pace, to her own rhythm, pushing up against the shaft with her clitoris, thus bringing about a deep and satisfying climax.  If she has already had a clitoral orgasm, either before or during this process, a second climax often follows quickly and easily because the clitoris is still stimulated.

Another bonus of the woman being on top is as an aid to preventing premature ejaculation.  Because the male is able to lie relatively still underneath her, he is less likely to trigger off an early climax.  Many couples have reported high levels of success with this method.

Obviously, there are no limits to the variety of sexual positions that men and women can try.  It's fun to experiment and keeps love-making fresh and interesting.  I've only touched on some of the common and significant choices.  There are plenty of texts around which depict the '100' favourite positions but really, you only need to use your imagination and be guided by your partner and what feels right for you both at the time.

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