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Bathing together is a must, preferably a bath with lots of scented oils, delicate soaps and soft sponges for maximum pleasure.  If you don't have a bath, shower together and, for once, forget about conserving water.  Take your time, wash each other, touch lovingly.  By all means have sex in the shower if you wish, or just enjoy it as a prelude to love-making.

This extra effort to create romance goes a long way towards keeping established relationships fresh, and new lovers need variety because they're in bed so much!  Take the time to be romantic as well as sexy, relaxed as well as turned-on.

If you're single, what's wrong with preparing a romantic interlude for yourself, with candles, luscious food and your favourite music? Afterwards, you can take yourself off to bed; after all, masturbation is an expression of self-love and it can be made more enjoyable if accompanied by all the special trappings you would normally share with a lover.

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