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Feelings are the most important element for romance.  There are the feelings that you bring into the room in the first place.  You may be a long-time married couple, new lovers or almost strangers, so these will vary.  But there will also be new feelings that have been created during the evening.  Gentleness is a vital quality.  Romance cannot be hurried.  Everything that happens during the time spent together needs to unfold at its own pace.  Don't force anything.  Enjoy every minute of the journey.  There may be some tension at the beginning and that's where the tips for relaxation come in.  Feelings cannot flourish if the lovers are tense and the atmosphere strained.

Once a romantic mood is created, there are many other ways to enjoy each other and further indulge the senses.  My suggestions may be additions, alternatives, or afters — it's up to you.  So many people just make love and then go straight to sleep without sampling the hundreds of pleasurable extras that are available.

This romantic and sensual aura doesn't always have to accompany love-making.  In fact, it's probably more enjoyable as an irregular treat.



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