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The setting for romance is vitally important.  While sex is often more exciting in inappropriate and awkward places, this is never true for romance.  The more luxurious and comfortable the physical setting, the more lovers can relax — and this makes for better sex.  If you're uncomfortable, you want to get it over and done with quickly, but for prolonged and pleasurable love-making, a soft bed or sofa, satiny covers and big fluffy cushions are the order of the day.

Take some trouble over planning the evening.  Be aware of colours as some are more soothing than others, such as blue for instance.  Red is for passion!  Design a setting that expresses what you want for the occasion.

Burn incense or spray some expensive perfume around the room.  Surround the room with flowers in fancy arrangements or sprinkle rose petals onto the bed.  Leave tiny gifts for your partner in hidden places.  Make the whole experience an adventure.  It's not what you do or spend that's important, but the caring you put into the preparation.

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