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Visual aids are a very popular form of pleasure enhancement, particularly for couples who have been together a long time and need something new to revive jaded appetites.

Looking at pictures together, for example, can stimulate arousal as well as offer new and inventive ideas.  Reading to each other aloud from books of erotic literature is both sharing and exciting.

Videos, of course, are very stimulating if both partners enjoy them.  They can be viewed before sex as foreplay, or during the sex act itself.  Listening to the sounds of love-making while having sex, or watching another couple, even if only on a screen, can add a lot to the whole experience.  Again, new ideas or positions which may not have been tried before can be introduced in this way.  Experimenting and keeping the process fresh is a very important part of the pleasure of sex, particularly for long-term couples.

Manuals serve an important function as well.  They illustrate a variety of sexual positions, show how partners can pleasure each other more totally, and describe different types of orgasms, and so on.  Sex is definitely not an activity that can be learned from the written page but information is always useful, again to improve, not to take over.

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