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dildos/ dongs

A dildo is a strap-on penis substitute used primarily by lesbian couples so that one partner can have 'intercourse' with the other in much the same way as a man would with a woman.  It's attached by way of a harness and the dildo itself is usually quite large and permanently erect.  Heterosexual or male homosexual couples can use dildos too, again to serve a 'screwing' role when one partner needs more and the other can't oblige.  Women can strap on a dildo to service a male partner if he enjoys anal intercourse.  Dildos now come in vibrating varieties for that extra stimulation.

A dong is an over-sized penis substitute that doesn't usually vibrate.  It can measure up to two feet and be flesh-coloured or black.  I can only imagine that this particular sex aid is for very large ladies or those who really look for length — or those who are into pain!  Different strokes for different folks, I guess.  Some are double-headed for two women to enjoy at once.

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