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Vibrators are essentially substitutes for the male penis as they are shaped like one — some even having mock veins and musculature.  Therefore, they are ideal for women without partners who can insert them or use them on the clitoris to bring about orgasm.  Couples can also employ them in the same way, especially if the guy has finished for the night and the woman wants more, or she hasn't as yet climaxed.  They're ideal for clitoral stimulation before and during intercourse, either held by the woman herself or her partner.

There are many different types of vibrators on the market today.
I suggest that you find a user-friendly adult product shop and ask to see the full range as the day of the simple, plastic, shaft-shaped vibrator is gone.  Now, there are vibrators that rotate, swivel, light up, have multiple functions, various speeds and come in all sizes and colours.

One of the best innovations is the addition of the clitoral stimulator.
This is constructed on the side of the vibrator and works on the clitoris while the shaft moves inside the vagina.  At present, the ultimate vibrator is one called the 'ET', which is computerised and does 'everything'.  It swivels around the top knob, rotates in the middle and has a side-attachment which vibrates directly onto the clitoris.  It's literally a case of lie back and enjoy yourself!  This is an expensive toy and not for everyone, but it's ideal for the long-term single woman who doesn't always want to feel herself and bring herself to climax.  With the 'ET', she can be more relaxed as there's no work or effort involved.

Sex toys, apart from being fun, can also serve a therapeutic role.  They are a great asset to non-orgasmic women, in and out of relationships.  If male partners are open-minded enough to introduce sex toys, or whatever else is going to help their women reach an orgasm, the relationship can only benefit.  Vibrators can also take the pressure off guys who feel performance anxiety, especially if they can't satisfy their partners for whatever reason.  This can become a chronic problem when it need not be.

Men who suffer from impotence either through medical or psychological reasons, can still enjoy love-making, knowing that they can use a vibrator to give their partners an orgasm.  The same applies to premature ejaculators, who feel a lot of anxiety and guilt about leaving their partners unsatisfied because they're too quick.

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