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sexual dysfunction check list

Ask yourself these questions as a starting point:

  1. At what age did you have intercourse for the first time?

  2. When did you begin masturbating?

  3. Puberty experiences?

  4. Marital status?

  5. How many serious relationships?

  6. Is the problem consistent or spasmodic?

  7. Is the problem reduced when with a casual partner or a loved partner?

  8. When did the problem begin?

  9. Any life event or change that might account for the onset?

  10. Any physical injuries or operations in the genital area?

  11. Any chronic illnesses or general health problems?

  12. Level of stress/tension in your daily life/routine?

  13. Back trouble?

  14. Ever suffered a hernia?

  15. Circumcised?

  16. Lifestyle details - diet, sleep, exercise, fitness, relationships, job, etc?

  17. Level of anxiety associated with the problem?

  18. Any current problem or stress?

  19. Any early sexual rejection?

  20. Any concern over penis size or performance in general?

Please note that circumcision and penis size are not factors that cause sexual dysfunction but may constitute useful information in building up a profile of the sufferer.  For instance, I had an anxious caller on the radio once who was convinced that because he was circumcised as a baby, his penis was smaller than it should be and that's why he suffered from premature ejaculation!  Somewhere in his mind he'd connected all these conditions.  I tried to explain to him that his concern was probably the only factor causing dysfunction and that circumcision and penis size could not make him a premature ejaculator.

Research offers generalised information but each individual is different, so seek specialist help if the tips offered in texts such as this don't work for you.



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