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As with so many other sexual matters, the myths about impotence abound — it's an old man's disease; it's always caused by a psychological problem; nothing can be done about it; 'real' men don't suffer from it; if you ignore it, it'll just go away.

A young client who saw me for this condition was 18 years old and his problem had been caused by a tactless remark made by a girl when she saw him stepping out of the shower.  This set up a mental block about being sexually desirable but it was not the result of years of rejection or psychological problems.  He couldn't get an erection at an age when males are usually at their most potent.

There are a number of possible reasons for impotence, and a lot of current work is being done in the area to correct the condition so that the stigma is removed, and men don't have to feel that it's a threat to their masculinity.  Every man can experience a lack of erection at any age, but if it's an occasional occurrence, it doesn't constitute a problem.  However, chronic impotence needs to be checked out.  Seeing your own GP is a good start, and he or she may recommend you consult a specialist in this field.

Some of the most common causes of impotence are diabetes, drug abuse, hormonal imbalance, alcohol, trauma, stress, fatigue, certain diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, psychogenic complexes and disturbances, heart conditions and drugs.  These can be grouped under three main headings — hormonal, physical, emotional.

Hormone levels can be checked by a simple blood test and, if found to be too low or out of balance, are easily corrected by a series of treatments over a period of time.

Physical reasons range from the taking of certain drugs, to back trouble, to the ageing process.  Once these two areas are eliminated, we need to consider the most common reason of all, anxiety.

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