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14 June 2001
Penis Size and Anal Sex

Q: Dear Dr Love,

I have wanted to try anal sex with my girlfriend for some time now. She is willing which is good. We were unsure of how to go about beginning so we read an anal play guide. Now we are concerned about the size of my penis as it is 8" long. It says in the guide not to insert anything longer than 4 or 5 inches because of the curve in the rectum. If all steps are taken and we take it slow to begin with, can you see any problems with me inserting my penis fully into her and having great anal sex?

A: The short answer is no. The guide is intended to be just that - a general guide that leans on the side of caution. But couples themselves are the best determiners of what is safe and what isn't. There are plenty of guys who have large penises and who can successfully enjoy anal sex. The trick is to remember the other advice in the guide - go slow, plenty of lubricant, take it easy. You won't really know till you try it and then it will be a case of trial and error until it feels right for both of you. If you're both keen, I see no reason for difficulties. The worst thing that can happen if you're careful is that you won't be able to insert your whole penis but that shouldn't stop you still enjoying the experience thoroughly. You should consider using a small vibrator to insert into the anus initially. That paves the way, so to speak. Then with the help of a lot of lubricant, start practising with your penis but don't push hard or you might rupture something. Have fun!


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