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18 June 2001
Straight Male, Anal Sex

Q: Dear Dr Love,

Is it abnormal for a man to enjoy anal sex performed on him? I am not gay. My wife and I enjoy role reversal but it can only be with a dildo of significant size 2.5 inch thick and at least 12 inches long. I do like having a penis in me (artificial one) and I am able to have an orgasm anally. It is quite enjoyable. Now is this something I should be concerned about? Or should I just have fun with what my wife and I have together.


A: No, it's not 'abnormal' for two adults to enjoy whatever sexual activities suits them both. If you and your wife enjoy getting and giving anal sex, that's fine. The dimensions are irrelevant as long as it feels right for you. Of course you do need to be careful with that size of dildo not to use excessive force or do it too often in case you do damage to yourself but I'm sure you are already aware of the need to take reasonable precautions. The anus is one of our most erogenous zones and it can in fact trigger a G-spot orgasm in males so your ability to climax that way is quite understandable. Enjoying anal sex does not mean you're gay at all so just go on with what you're doing as long as it's pleasing both of you.


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